Drug Discovery India 2019

Agenda Topics:

  • Integrative and Collaborative Approaches to Redefine Drug Discovery
    • Industry-Institute/Biotech-Pharma Collaborations
  • Structure/Target/Fragment based & Computational Approaches
    • 3D Structures, Interactive Docking, X-ray Structures
    • Fragment Library, Screening and Lead Identification
    • New Druggable Targets, Target Structure Elucidation
    • QSAR and Computational Approaches for Designing Molecules
  • Techniques, Instruments, Screening Procedures & Enabling Technologies
    • 3D Printing, Microwave Synthesis, Flow Chemistry
    • Automated/Integrated Analytical, Synthesis & Screening Systems
    • Enantioselective/Chiral/Green Synthesis
    • Heterocyclic Chemistry, Catalysis
    • Lead Discovery Platforms and Strategies
    • Natural Products Chemistry – Identification and Characterization
    • Synthetic and Organic Medicinal Chemistry
  • Traditional and Non-traditional Screening Approaches
    • Animal Models, Bioassays, Cell-based Assays, Pre-clinical Testing
    • Leveraging Big Data for Improving Discovery Rewards
    • Orphan Drugs, Drug Repurposing, Reverse Pharmacology
    • Pharmacological Activity of Novel Bioactive Molecules
    • Protein-DNA/RNA/Protein Interactions
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