Epidemics7: Seventh International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics

EPIDEMICS7 will bring together more than 500 scientists to share the latest ideas, data, insight, models and methods in infectious disease dynamics.

Topics include:

• Dynamics of infectious diseases of humans
• Dynamics of infectious diseases of animals
• Within-host dynamics and immuno-epidemiology
• Ecology of infectious diseases
• Evolution and phylodynamics in infectious diseases
• Dynamics and consequences of antimicrobial resistance
• Global, economic and policy aspects of control and prevention
• Statistical methods for infectious disease data
• Social, spatial and network aspects of interaction
• Problems related to the “end game” of eradication
• Zoonoses and other cross-species events
• Vector-borne diseases
• Host behaviour and infectious diseases
• Multi-host and multi-pathogen/parasite systems
• Problems in vaccine-preventable infections & vaccination strategy
• Problems in neglected tropical macroparasitic diseases

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