European Workshops on Bacterial Protein Toxins – ETOX19: 22-26 June 2019, Switzerland

European Workshops on Bacterial Protein Toxins – ETOX19 Conference will take place on June 22nd – 26th, 2019 in Davos, Switzerland.

Bacterial infections still represent a threat to human health worldwide as major pathogens becoming resistant to all available antibiotics. The investigations of the mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions is a traditional field that keeps bringing new insights into eukaryotic biology, pathogenesis and mode of action of bacterial toxins and thus identifies potential targets for development of novel therapies. The ETOX19 Conference will bring together the world’s leading experts in this field. There will be six seminar sessions: “Diversity of bacterial toxins and their functions”, “Mechanisms of toxin secretion”, “Toxin receptors and intracellular trafficking”, “Toxin structures and mode of action”, “Bacterial pathogenesis, host response and immunity” and “Technological advances, novel approaches”.

Details regarding abstract submission and registration coming soon.

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