FEMS Conference on Microbiology 2020

It is our great pleasure to announce and invite you to the 1st FEMS Conference on Microbiology, the first of a biennial series. This conference will be held from 2-4 July 2020 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Based on fifteen years history of successfully organizing FEMS Congresses, since 2003, FEMS now initiates a new format: a biennial conference on microbiology.This conference will provide all the benefits of an international microbiology conference with the accessibility of a small to middle-scaled, affordable, regional conference. It will showcase the most recent developments in microbiology and discuss related topics such as professional development and publishing.

Belgrade has been selected as a vibrant city and a true regional hub for Balkans and Southeast Europe, with a first-class travel connections to all European destinations. Belgrade is also a home to the Serbian Society for Microbiology, that has a long tradition of successfully organized regional and international microbiology conferences. Organized in Belgrade (Serbia) in association with the Serbian Society for Microbiology (SSM).


On behalf of the Scientific Committee:

Prof. Dr Bauke Oudega Chairperson (FEMS)

Prof. Dr Dragojlo Obradović Co-chair (SSM President)

On behalf of the Organizing Committee:

Prof. Dr Vaso Taleski Chairperson (FEMS Director of Event and Internationalization)

Prof. Dr Lazar Ranin Co-chair (SSM vice-President)

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