Hong Kong

Framing the Response to Emerging Virus Infections (S2): 14 -18 October 2018, Hong Kong

The Keystone Symposia Conference on Framing the Response to Emerging Virus Infections (S2) will be held on 14-18 October 2018 at the University of Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong.

Emerging and re-emerging viruses have the potential to cause high morbidity and mortality and range from localized outbreaks to epidemics. Due to their emerging nature, most aspects of the biology and infectious potential of these viruses are poorly understood. This meeting will focus on important areas such as surveillance, diagnostics and countermeasures and other important advances in new technologies and how they are being applied to research. Furthermore, discussions will be organized on how to facilitate the translation of research, data and candidate treatments through the development pipeline in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Key Topics

  • Zoonotic diseases and their association with agriculture
  • Surveillance and early detection
  • Difficulties of dealing with diseases that involve both medical and veterinary communities

Important Dates

Travel Award Deadline: 15 May 2018
Scholarship Deadline: 14 June 2018
Discounted Abstract Deadline: 14 June 2018
Discounted Registration Deadline: 14 August  2018

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