International Microorganism Day 2024

We invite interested individuals and organizations to organize their own International Microorganism Day event in their country on or around the 17 September 2024! International Microorganism Day is a global celebration of microorganisms and their contributions to life on Earth. By organizing an event, you can help raise awareness of the importance of microorganisms and their impact on human health, agriculture, the environment, and more.

To participate, you can organize any type of event that showcases the diversity and importance of microorganisms. This could include:

  • Public lectures or seminars on microbiology-related topics

  • Microbe-themed art or music events

  • Exhibitions of microorganisms or related technology

  • Hands-on microbiology workshops or laboratory demonstrations

  • Science communication events for the general public

See our call for Event Organizers to see how to get involved running your own IMD2024 event!

Call for Event Organizers 2024
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