Junior Group Leader/Research Fellow in Microbiology: Belgium

The VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology is part of the VIB life sciences institute and is embedded within the University of Leuven. The aim of the Center is to combine leading basic microbiology and systems biology research with top applied research. The current research focuses on microbes as a model to study their general biology, cellular physiology, ecology and evolution, including themes like genetic and epigenetic inheritance, cellular sensing and signaling, biofilms and the intestinal ecosystem. Apart from being a leader in basic research, the Center is also an important hub for translational research, with emphasis on the beer, wine, bakery, biofuels, and green chemicals industries, as well as human medicine (antifungals, microbiome analysis, …). Our institute greatly values diverse standpoints and equality and promotes an inclusive research environment in which everybody, irrespective of nationality, gender, race and personal beliefs, is respected. We are currently recruiting 1 Junior Group Leader / Research Fellow (m/f) specialized in any microbiology-related field; including but not limited to synthetic microbiology, systems microbiology, microbiomes, microbial pathogens, virology, bacteriology, antibiotics, computational (micro)biology and applied microbiology. We are particularly interested in candidates who have a keen interest in combining basic science with tech transfer.

Your challenge will be to set up a forefront research group in basic and applied microbiology within the newly established center, publishing in high impact journals and translating novel insights into valorization strategies that contribute to better diagnosis and treatment.

We are looking for candidates who have:

  • a PhD
  • a research plan for a group of 5 PhD students and postdocs
  • some years of experience as a postdoctoral researcher or as junior faculty member
  • published in impactful journals showing creativity and quality
  • a track record in fund raising is a plus but not required
  • an ongoing ERC grant or filed ERC application is a plus but not required
  • interest in combining basic and translational research

We offer

  • a unique opportunity to start a research team in microbiology in a stimulating and international research environment with excellent peers that will help support the new Group Leader/Research Fellow during the startup period and help build your team
  • an annual research stipend of approximately €200.000 + PI salary
  • 5-year position, can be prolonged with tenure
  • laboratory and access to VIB Core Facilities
  • a competitive salary
  • support in terms of finance, HR and tech transfer
  • support in applying for international and national grants (e.g ERC)
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