Lecturer in Polar Microbiology: UK

Glaciology is a central part of the Earth System Science in a warming world. New polar environments and their colonisation by microbes are a feature of a warming cryosphere. The Bristol Glaciology Centre (BGC) has a worldwide reputation for leading-edge research on ice sheets. It is interdisciplinary by nature, combining in-house skill sets in biological, geochemical and physical processes, and maintaining strong links across the University, with Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Engineering, History and Life Sciences.

The biogeochemists within the BGC have received substantial research income over the past ten years, and a large reason for this is the Centre’s high-profile expertise in biogeochemistry and microbiology, backed with bespoke laboratories. The BGC currently requires a polar scientist with microbiological skills to balance our research portfolio and to help maintain our research funding base.

The successful candidate is likely to research areas which include the microbiology of snow, glacier ice, sea ice and/or permafrost, in relation to the impacts on meltwater, nutrients and greenhouse gases, and the possibility of life in extra-terrestrial cryospheric environments. Our fundamental requirement is for an outstanding research scientist with a strong interest in polar microbiology, the ability to work both independently and within interdisciplinary research teams, and the experience necessary to run a successful microbiology research laboratory.

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