Microbiologist: Iceland

Atmonia is hiring a Microbiologist! They are an Icelandic startup company that collaborates closely with research institutes and universities at the forefront of sustainable fertilizer production.

Are you passionate about environmentally friendly solutions and working with an amazing team on scientific innovation? Do you love working in a lab, learning something new every day and participating in the excitement of a startup?

Our team is growing and we are looking for a specialist to oversee development of microorganisms for industrial processes.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Optimize performance of microorganisms at small scale, towards specific industrial processes, e.g., production rate, yield, and efficiency
  • Participate in development of scale-up methods for microbial processes from laboratory scale to large scale cultures (5000 L and higher)
  • Oversee small and large-scale cultures in fit-for-purpose bioreactors
  • Identification and characterization of microorganisms applied in industrial processes
  • Evaluation of bioprocess performances, including data processing, data presentation, and communication of results

We are looking for a person that has practical experience working with microbial cultures and optimizing them for production. Knowledge of environmental microbiology and bio-processes is an added value. The individual should hold a PhD or MSc in microbiology or a closely related field.

We are looking for an individual who has great collaboration skills, enjoys working in a team of diverse talents and can jump into every challenge and assist. The individual must also be able to take the lead on specific projects, be able to work independently and adopt precise work methods.

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