PhD (2) and MSc (1) positions - Interdisciplinary Wastewater Resource Recovery project 2017-2021: University College Cork, Ireland.

Three postgraduate research positions, 2 PhD and 1 MSc are available at the Environmental Research Institute (ERI) at University College Cork as part of the Irish EPA funded NEWTRIENTS project. The ambition of the NEWTRIENTS project is to demonstrate a circular economy approach to processing dairy industry wastewater, resulting in a paradigm shift from wastewater treatment to closed loop reuse of valuable components present in the effluent within the local and global economy. The NEWTRIENTS project will develop two novel linked technologies for the recovery of resources from dairy industry wastewater, i.e. (1) secondary treatment via acidogenic fermentation and aerobic dynamic feeding approaches to recover biodegradable polymers and (2) tertiary treatment for the production of duckweed which can serve as a high-value agricultural feed.   The project brings together an interdisciplinary team composed of members of the UCC Schools of Engineering, Microbiology and Biological & Earth Sciences, respectively.

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