PhD position in Biotechnology/Bioprospecting/Microbiology: Norway

UiT arctic university of Norway, The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics(BFE), has a PhD position vacant in Biotechnology/Bioprospecting/Microbiology – for applicants who wish to obtain the degree of Philosophiae Doctor (PhD). The position is attached to The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NCFS), and the research group Marine Bioprospecting. The PhD-project will be integrated into the ongoing research project AntifoMar, an interdisciplinary project with the focus to discover and develop new compounds with antimicrobial and antibiofilm activities. Complex structures of biofilms are common in nature, but can be associated with many health problems such as infections related to medical devises and dental problems. Biofilms can also be a problem in industry and in marine environments. In AntifoMar, partners from the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics will collaborate in this project. They all belong to research groups that are focusing on antimicrobial resistance and novel antibiotic, antibiofilm and antifouling compounds. AntifoMar is leaded by professor Klara Stensvåg.

There will be 4 PhD positions in the project and each fellow will work in a one of four work packages within the project, with a work package leader as doctorate supervisor. The appointment is for a period of four years.The PhD position is for a fixed term, with the objective of completion of research training to the level of a doctoral degree. Admission to a PhD programme is a prerequisite for employment, and the programme period starts on commencement of the position. The PhD Candidate shall participate in the faculty’s organized research training, and the PhD project shall be completed during the period of employment.

The Norwegian College of Fishery Science (NCFS) is a part of The Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics (BFE) and undertakes research and research-based teaching of high national and international quality in an interdisciplinary environment. Research activity is provisionally organized into the groups of: Living Marine Resources, Sea Food Science, Fish Health, Marine Drug Discovery, Resource Management, Marine Management and Resource Economics.

Research area

The PhD student to be appointed in this sub-project, will have his / her main field of study aimed at identifying compounds with antibacterial and antibiotic properties. The project aims to identify genes in marine bacteria that are associated with synthesis of biofilm inhibitors. In the work, one will use genomic and transcriptomic libraries of origin in material from marine invertebrates. Furthermore, already collected bacterial strains and genomic material from uncultured microorganism will be used in the search for relevant secondary metabolites. Genes discovered for interesting biosynthesis systems, will be recombinantly expressed and the gene products characterized both biochemically and by use of different bioassays. The field of work will be molecular microbiology, but also include immunology and bioinformatics. The project will be linked to the research group for bioprospecting at The Norwegian College of Fishery Science, but work will also take place at the other mentioned faculties and to some extent also at University of North. The Bioprospecting group constitutes a team, which includes various research fields such as microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, marine biotechnology, immunology and pharmacology. The PhD project will be associated with ongoing projects and is funded by UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Qualifications required

  • the successful applicant must document competence at master level in biology and documented knowledge and experience in microbiology and use of relevant molecular biology techniques such as qualitative and quantitative DNA / RNA / protein analyzes, work with bioactive components, or purification / characterization of these
  • the applicant should also be able to document competence in bioinformatics
  • experience with reporter genes, preferably in bacteria, is emphasized
  • the candidate should be motivated for scientific work, have good analytical, writing and collaborative skills, and must be able to work independently and structured and be able establish contacts with other research communities
  • in addition to the formal qualifications, personal suitability for the position will be emphasized

For further information, please contact: Professor Bjarne Landfald +47 776 44 415 /mobile 90749428, e-mail or Professor Steinar Johansen (mobile 97777530, e-mail:



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