PhD position in cyanobacteria: Germany

The Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) offers one PhD position for the project “Gene expression control of carbon assimilation in cyanobacteria – new insights into an old story?”

Project details

  • This project is devoted to the understanding of carbon assimilation and its regulation in cyanobacteria. A general understanding is required to use cyanobacteria as host for the biotechnological production of valuable chemical products, biofuel components or hydrogen.
  • The project aims at the functional characterization of components that appear to have crucial regulatory function in the model cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and other cyanobacteria. These factors will be manipulated to get deep insight into their potential to regulate cyanobacterial metabolism.
  • PhD working time: 65% (25/35 hr per week) limited for 3 years


  • Cultivation and physiological characterization of cyanobacteria
  • Generation of various knockout-/overexpression strains using molecular biology techniques
  • Global profiling of the transcriptome, proteome and metabolome
  • In-depth expression analyses of single genes

The candidate is expected to have:

  • Master in microbiology / molecular biology / genetics / biochemistry
  • Experience in molecular cloning and expression analyses
  • Deep knowledge of the genetics and the general handling of cyanobacteria (cultivation, manipulation etc.) is required
  • Good communication skills in English

For any questions you may have about the job please contact: Dr. Stephan Klähn –

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