Post-doc Synthetic biology, Wageningen, the Netherlands

Wageningen University & Research is looking for a Post-doc candidate that will be involved in a collaborative project with several European partners in the ERA CoBioTech program. The successful candidate will join an active, interdisciplinary team at Wageningen Plant Research working in the field of synthetic biology applied for the production of plant compounds via microbial fermentation.

The candidate will be involved in plant enzyme characterisation and the assembly of metabolic pathways and regulatory circuits to promote the production of high value aromatic compounds in microbes. The approach to achieve this will be based on the principle of design-build-test-learn-cycle inherent to systems – and synthetic biology. The candidate will also be involved in FAIR data management, communication and dissemination activities related to the project


  • A PhD degree in plant biochemistry, metabolic engineering or industrial microbiology.
  • Experience in the application of synthetic biology for the production of sustainable chemicals via fermentation.
  • Experience in metabolic engineering of microbes.
  • Experience in plant enzyme characterisation.
  • Experience in working in a multidisciplinary team.
  • A keen interest in green-white biotechnology.
  • Excellent communication skills as well as excellent command of English, both written and spoken.


More information:

For more information about this position, please contact Dirk Bosch, Plant Wageningen Research, Telephone number +31 317 480 933, E-mail:



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