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Post-Doctoral Fellow in Archaeal Virology: Germany

The Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology is a research institute of the Max Planck Society. It was founded in 1992 in the State of Bremen and employs around 200 staff members. In close collaboration with numerous university and non-university research institutions, we explore the diversity and function of microorganisms in the ocean and their interactions with their environment. Scientists from all over the world, engineers, technicians and administrative staff together make an important contribution to global marine and environmental research.

The Archaeal Virology Group is looking for a Post-Doctoral Fellow

Do you want to help us advancing the field of archaeal viruses?

Research in our group is dedicated to the study of viruses and other genetic elements infecting members of the third domain of life, the Archaea. Metagenomics data are demonstrating the immense diversity and the significant role of Archaea and their viruses in both extreme (e.g. hot springs and saline lakes) and moderate environments (e.g. the ocean). However, to date only a small number of viruses has been isolated and even fewer have been characterized in detail. Our aim is to advance the knowledge about archaeal viruses and their interactions with the host organisms by studying isolated virus-host system.
We are using state-of-the-art cultivation techniques, biochemical characterisation of proteins, genomic approaches (metagenomics, single genome sequencing and genome comparison, gene knockout), electron microscopy as well as transcriptomics and quantitative PCR. We are looking for a post-doctoral fellow with proven experience in at least two of the indicated methods and the ability to incorporate or develop new molecular techniques. Previous experience in working with Archaea or with viruses is of great advantage. We strongly encourage the development and pursuing of the own ideas of the post-doctoral fellow in the Archaeal Virology Group.

The position is offered for 2 years with the possibility of an extension. The salary will be according to the German system for public employees. The Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology is an equal opportunity employer.

The Max Planck Society is committed to employing more disabled individuals and especially encourages them to apply. The Max Planck Society strives for gender and diversity equality.

Are you interested?

We are looking forward to receiving your application by 28.06.2019. Applications for this position will only be accepted via our online application portal. For further information please contact Dr. Susanne Erdmann (

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