Post Doctoral position in fungal biochemistry/enzymology: Belgium

The Biomass Transformation Laboratory – BTL at ULB, is offering a PostDoc position to study the biology and biochemistry of fungal ligno-cellulases systems. The successful candidate will investigate key GHs and AAs gene expression from selected fungal species as in response to new-environmental physico-chemical stimuli. Moreover the enzymatic secretomes so produced will be collected and screened for their efficiency in degradation of pretreated lignocellulose by using an advanced high-throughput analytical platform. Cloning and expression of AA enzymes (LPMOs mainly, or laccases and peroxidases) in suitable hosts will also be part of the project, thus experience on the subject is a requirement. Moreover the successful candidate will work together with an international team made of senior scientists and PhD students, and the data acquired will be later used for formulating a minimum enzymatic cocktail using isolated enzymes and commercially available pure.

Key qualifications: the successful candidate is expected to contribute and propose new strategies for achieving the final goal benefiting by an absolute scientific freedom. At BTL the lab members are expected to take leadership within their project as they will be required to drive and conclude their work independently but at the same time to take initiative and discuss/develop their own results and ideas, writing self-formulated reports and articles and contributing at reviewing colleague’s reports/articles. Finally based on the successful candidate’s CV, ad hoc career development path is highly envisioned so to position the candidate for launching his/her future career after the PostDoc period.

BTL: The Biomass Transformation Laboratory – BTL is part of a bigger hub in biomass research activity launched recently by ULB. Rapidly growing BTL itself counts at today 8 members investigating bio-degradative processes for waste recycling as well as biopolymer rebuilding for production of applicable new biomaterials. At BTL competences spans from Chemical engineering to plant physiology, fungal microbiology, analytical chemistry, biochemistry, biopolymer sciences and fermentation processes.

The minimum requirements for the position are:

  • MSc in Sciences or Engineering disciplines
  • Experience: holding a PhD title or equivalent experience
  • Gene cloning and enzyme production mandatory
  • Preferably expert primarily in fungal hosts, or bacterial hosts
  • Language skills: good English (spoken and written)
  • Scientific communication skills: able at communicating orally and writing scientific results

Application procedure

The applications must be delivered sending the required documents at

The application must include:

  • Reference code in email objective: 001 PostDocApp
  • One pdf file containing: 2 pages CV + List of Publication. The file should start with 1 page max cover letter describing how the applicant meets the selection criteria and why you want to apply. The CV should stress the scientific technical skills, soft skills could be asked later during the interview.
  • 2 samples of your previous scientific activities that most represent your skills (full text of first author peer-reviewed manuscripts, or copy of the PhD thesis)
  • 1 file entitled References your name.pdf containing the Names and full Contact details of two or three referees

Employment terms

A start date is required From February 1st to May 15th , 2019, but the exact start date for this position is negotiable depending on the availability of a suitable candidate. The post-doctoral fellow will be hired for a two-year period to lead this project. You will have a full spectrum of vacation and leave benefits, as well as coverage from national health and business travel insurance.

Contact information

The candidates are exhorted to take contact for further information about the position, please contact prof. David Cannella or prof. Amin Shavandi at

Further details
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