Postdoc for Systems Biology of Deep Biosphere Bacterial Cells: USA

You’ll be the lead researcher on our new project investigating the systems biology of energy limited deep-sea bacteria. Your work will provide a systems-level understanding of slow bacterial growth in laboratory conditions designed to mimic those found in deep sea sediments. You’ll work independently and alongside engineers to continue development of a novel application of chemostat-like cultivation devices that enable continuous energy-limitation. You’ll apply various ‘omic tools to characterize the systems biology of microbes experiencing perpetual energy limitation in these cultivation devices. You’ll lead the project and will have significant creative input on the project direction as you apply some combination of systems biology tools that might include: metabolomics, mRNA decay measurements, ribosome footprinting (Ribo-Seq), transposon insertion sequencing (TnSeq), proteomics, or other approaches you think are appropriate. The tools and analyses used will depend on your expertise, but the overarching vision for the project is to integrate data from several approaches to distinguish the systems biology of energy-limitation from energy-replete growth. This project has up to 3 years of funding that is contingent on evaluations of project progress and your continued scientific growth.$60,000 up to 3 years, $4,000 relocation, standard University of Arizona postdoc benefits.

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