Postdoc in chemical ecology of marine microbial communities: Germany

The Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse invites applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher Position in chemical ecology of marine microbial communities (m/f/d) commencing in January 2023. Your work will be conducted in the Pohnert-Group that is devoted to the elucidation of chemical mediators that control and regulate microbial community dynamics. Your work will be focused on merging analytical chemistry with ecological investigations of marine plankton in laboratory- and field-work.

We look for someone with experience in metabolomics and mass spectrometry and / or experience in plankton studies and microbiology.

It is intriguing that some of the smallest organisms are among the major drivers of global processes from carbon fixation to element cycling. This is true for the plankton community throughout Earth´s oceans and freshwater reserves. In the postdoc-project, we want to assign new ecological roles to the metabolites produced by members of the plankton and identify their involvement as regulators of plankton functioning. We will work on all scales, from single cell analytics to global surveys to expand our understanding of ocean ecosystem functioning.
You will have a leading role in a project with the aim to set up and analyze complex microbial communities in the lab. You will plan and conduct experiments to link findings of community-regulation to the action of chemical mediators by using mass spectrometry and other techniques of analytical chemistry. You will also conduct field experiments and elaborate metabolomic data analysis.

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