Postdoc in Ecosystem-Microbiome Research: Germany

The Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics at the Ulm University is looking for a Postdoc to work on Ecosystem-Microbiome Research.

The candidate should be highly motivated with above-average qualifications, enthusiasm and research experience. The post-doc position (3 years) is part of the project IMPALA, funded by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation’s microbiome program (Profs Simone Sommer, Lena Wilfert, Christian Riedel, Patrick Schäfer). In an interdisciplinary team consisting of a post-doc and two PhD students, the project examines how different fertilisation regimes affect the functional biodiversity of microbiomes along a grassland trophic chain. The post-doc’s focus will be on the functional microbiomes of animals in the trophic chain (the guts of soil-digesting invertebrates, herbivorous small mammals and pollinating insects).

At the Institute for Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Genomics, an interactive and international team studies diverse topics in evolutionary ecology, including nature conservation genomics / EcoHealth (AG Sommer), host-parasite interactions (AG Wilfert), and pollination ecology (AG Ayasse and AG Tschapka). The project involves cooperation partners across the faculty of Biology (Prof. Schäfer, Molecular Botany; Prof. Riedel, Microbiology, Ulm University).

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