Postdoc in Microbial Dynamics of Methane Emissions: UK

The School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, seeks to appoint a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) for a 3-year position in Microbial Dynamics of Methane Emissions. The PDRA will join the team led by Dr Josh Dean as part of a £1.5million UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship project ‘Finding and fixing gas leaks: Using urban waterways to halt the global rise in methane emissions.’

This PDRA represents an exciting opportunity to work on a global climate challenge with high potential for impact. There will be a strong focus on career development for the successful candidate, with opportunities and funding available to undertake training/development activities, placements with project partners and international research visits. The successful candidate will be encouraged to lead the microbiological component of this project, and to pursue their own research strands. A research budget will be placed at their disposal as well as substantial support to apply for additional funding. There is high potential for this position to be extended for an additional 3-years with funding earmarked in the second half of the UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship (2026-2029).

What will you be doing?

The successful candidate will focus on methane-microbe dynamics in cities, including the biogeography of microbial communities in urban waterways (city rivers and canals) across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA, understanding how aquatic microbial communities respond to methane leaks, and determining how to enhance methane oxidation in human-impacted environments. Utilising lab and field-based observational and experimental approaches, the core aims will be to produce techniques for detecting methane leaks, even ones hidden underground, and preventing methane emissions to the atmosphere through bioremediation strategies.

You should apply if:

  • You have a postgraduate research degree with subject knowledge and research experience in a relevant area
  • Experience contributing to and leading scientific publications/presentations;
  • Experience characterising microbial communities and their function in terrestrial or aquatic environments using in-situ and/or lab-based techniques and experimental approaches.

Additional information:

For informal queries, contact details: Dr Joshua Dean

More information and how to apply
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