Postdoc in marine microbiology: The Netherlands

The department of Marine Microbiology and Biogeochemistry at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research is looking for a highly motivated postdoc with a strong background in analysing microbial diversity and functioning (e.g. DNA/RNA-seq, FISH), ideally in combination with stable isotope probing.

The research project “Identity and functioning of microbes degrading plastic in contrasting marine environments” will be part of the ERC Project VORTEX.

The ERC project VORTEX will trace plastic-derived carbon into degradation products and microbial biomass across a broad range of environmental conditions. In order to achieve research goals, incubation experiments will be initiated in the environment and under controlled laboratory conditions. Different analytical tools will be applied to meet the project goals, including isotope probing/tracing assays in combination with genetic analyses and microscopy.

Candidate profile

  • a researcher with a PhD degree in microbial ecology / microbiology
  • an interest in frontier-based research in an interdisciplinary scientific environment
  • experienced with molecular tools, ideally in combination with stable isotope probing (DNA/RNA-SIP, FISH-SIMS), to investigate microbial identity and functioning in environmental samples
  • As a Postdoc in the VORTEX team the candidate will apply state-of-the-art analytical techniques and research concepts cross scientific boundaries to unravel the fate of plastic in the ocean.
  • The candidate will co-supervise PhD projects and is keen to communicate his/her results  (journal articles, conferences).
  • Due to the international character of the ERC Project VORTEX, in the lab and in the field, a very good command of spoken and written English is essential.

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