Postdoc on microbiota-mediated aggression in fruit flies: Israel

The Koren Lab t Bar-Ilan University’s Azrieli Faculty of Medicine in Tzfat (Israel), studies interactions between microbiota, disease, and the gut-brain axis. The lab’s two main research focuses are the role the microbiome plays in female health, specifically relating to pregnancy and infancy and the interplay between the microbiome and host behavior. Research involves a blend of in vitro and in vivo methods, and we employ 16S and shotgun sequencing technologies and metabolomics. Bioinformatics and downstream analyses (using the QIIME2 pipeline, R, and GraphPad Prism) are done mostly in-house.

Benefits of joining us

  • Freedom to develop and lead projects in line with the lab’s main focuses
  • Participate in leading research with top collaborators
  • Join a fully equipped, funded lab
  • Be a part of a large, dynamic, supportive team – with outings, birthday celebrations, journal club, and more

Study of microbiota-mediated aggression in fruit flies

We were recently awarded and ERC grant to further explore the effect of the microbiota (and its absence) on host behavior. The project focuses on effects of various antibiotics on aggression in murine and Drosophila hosts. We are looking for a researcher experienced in fly handling and behavioral assays to lead this part of the project, together with a dedicated PhD student. We are interested in further exploring pheromone excretion, gene expression, brain activity and connectivity, social interactions, and everything in between.


  • To lead Drosophila research in the lab
  • to lead independent research, to develop working protocols for behavioral assays and to establish and manage a germ-free colony

Required skills

  • Experience handling Drosophila
  • Experience analyzing video recordings of behavioral assays
  • Creativity to take this project in new directions
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Interest in neuroscience and gut-brain axis – beneficial
  • Working knowledge of coding languages to analyze video recordings – beneficial
  • Familiarity with 16S, metagenomics, and metabolomics – beneficial
  • Experience operating GC-MS and LC-MS systems – beneficial

For more details, please contact Prof. Omry Koren:

There is no specific deadline for this position so we suggest for you to apply asap.

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