PostDoc on Evasion of Cell-Autonomous Immunity by the Bacterial Pathogen Chlamydia: Sweden

Many pathogens have the capacity to invade human cells and to exploit the interior of their host cell as a replicative niche. While human cells have powerful defense programs that can restrict the growth of such invaders, successful pathogens evolved to counteract these defenses. A profound understanding of the molecular basis of this arms race could pave the way for innovative therapeutics. Driven by this vision, the Sixt lab applies a rich set of genetic, cell biological, biochemical, omics, and microscopic approaches to decipher how the obligate intracellular bacterial pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis evades host cell-autonomous immunity. In this context, we are now seeking a postdoctoral researcher to investigate the role of Chlamydia’s interactions with host cellular organelles in the subversion of host cellular immune signaling


To be eligible, candidates must hold a University degree equivalent to a European University PhD degree in molecular biology, cell biology, or infection biology (or equivalent fields). Preference will be given to applicants who received their degree no more than three years before the end of the application period, unless special circumstances exist. To be considered for the project, candidates must have documented practical experience in molecular biology techniques, microscopy, and mammalian cell culture. Previous practical experience in conducting and analyzing infections with intracellular bacterial pathogens is a desirable skill, as is experience in studying host cell organelles and immune signaling. Candidates should be passionate about science, willing to take on scientific challenges, and committed to highest quality research. Candidates are expected to be proficient in written and spoken English, to work as part of an interactive team, to participate in the mentoring of less experienced team members, and to have the capacity to individually develop and drive a research project.

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