Postdoc on Inflammation and the Gut-Brain Connection: Germany

The Laboratory of Thomas F. Meyer – Molecular Biology at the Kiel University is looking for a postdoc to work on inflammation and the gut-brain connection. We are looking for a qualified researcher in Cellular and Molecular Biology with an interest in Microbiology the age-related Neurological Disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The group of Thomas F. Meyer (previously at the Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology, Berlin) has established a new laboratory at the University of Kiel in order to investigate the sequels of chronic infections with an emphasis on cancer and also neurological disorders. The laboratory is embedded within a network of several institutions and consortia, notably the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, the Institute of Clinical Molecular Medicine (IKMB) and the Cluster of Excellence for Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation (PMI).

Recent evidence indicates a direct role of gut microbial communities in the initiation and regulation of neurological disorders. The project involves investigations on the transmission of inflammatory signals from gut microbes to the brain. The proposed studies involve the establishment of epithelial-neuronal organoid cultures as well as the application of mouse models. They will serve as platforms to assess the influence of microbe-driven inflammatory signals on neuronal behaviour and aging. The established models will also allow the assessment of novel anti-inflammatory inhibitors that promise to have potential in protecting against Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The successful applicant is expected to contribute both experimentally and intellectually to the project’s performance and development. The fellowship will be available for the duration of two years with an option of prolongation.


To apply please send an initial letter of interest, including CV and letters of reference, directly to Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Meyer ( by May 15, 2021. Use the email subject “Application – Postdoc on Inflammation and the Gut-Brain Connection”

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