Postdoc on Microbiome for Celiac Disease Study at Caltech

We are seeking two talented, motivated individuals to join a collaborative project looking at the role of the microbiome in celiac disease. The multi-institute project aims to test the hypothesis that celiac disease is a heterogeneous disorder, while attempting to define interactions between intestinal epithelial cells, the gut microbiota, immune system, and genetics that underlie differences in clinical presentation, severity of tissue destruction, and the ability to heal. The integration of different layers of molecular (scRNA-seq, genomic), immunological, metabolomics and microbiome data (where host transcriptional and microbial signatures are obtained on the same intestinal biopsy) from clinically well-characterized patients will provide us the unique opportunity to address questions that would not be possible otherwise.

Please see the NIH RePORTER listing for details. The successful post-doc candidates will work in the Ismagilov Lab at the California Institute of Technology to improve understanding of how the mucosal microbiota of the small intestine may drive variation in the clinical phenotype of celiac disease in humans, notably disease severity and healing.

Skills required: Strong microbiology and bioinformatics training; creativity; rigorous scientific training in design and interpretation of research; experience performing amplicon and metagenomic shotgun sequencing and analysis; strong record of prior research accomplishments. Candidates eligible for independent postdoctoral fellowships are encouraged to apply.

Candidates should send their CV and a brief statement of their qualifications and research aspirations to

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