Postdoc Position in Single-cell Gene Regulation and Its Evolution in Bacteria

The group of Prof. Erik van Nimwegen at the Biozentrum, University of Basel, is seeking a post-doc that is highly motivated to apply quantitative experimental approaches to study single-cell gene regulation and its evolution in bacteria.

The van Nimwegen group is looking for a post-doc to join the wet lab part of the group. Current interests in the lab revolve around single-cell gene regulation in bacteria, the evolution of gene regulation on short evolutionary time scales, the role of gene expression noise in the evolution of gene regulation, and the interplay between fluctuations in bacterial physiology and single-cell gene regulation. The focus is on E. coli and methodologies used include FACS, time-lapse microscopy, fluorescent reporter constructs, micro-fluidic growth chambers, next-generation sequencing, and so on, to study single-cell gene regulation and evolution. The approach of the lab differs from those of most molecular biology labs in that it is highly quantitative and that there is a tight interaction between wet lab and theoretical and computational researchers. Many of the group members have backgrounds in more quantitative fields such as theoretical physics, applied math, and computer science. Consequently, most of the questions/projects we pursue are highly theoretically motivated. The lab is well funded and the Biozentrum offers a strong collection of core facilities (FACS, proteomics, genomics, imaging, biophysical techniques, etc.) that the lab has access to. The precise topic of the research project will be determined jointly with the candidate and candidates that display initiative and independence will be given priority.

Profile requirements

The candidates with a relevant experimental background, e.g. in biophysics, molecular biology, or microbiology, that are interested in pursuing the topics described above using quantitative experimental approaches in combination with advanced computational and theoretical analysis. A good knowledge of English is required. German is helpful but not necessary.

If you are interested in this challenging and highly interesting position, please send a single pdf containing your application letter, CV, and the names of at least two references to : Erik van Nimwegen ( Review of applications will begin immediately.

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