Postdoc to study the crosstalk between microbiota, immunity and physiology: France

The MI Unit is recruiting postdoctoral fellows to study the mutual regulation of microbiota, immunity and nervous sytem. We are developing several lines of research to understand how the symbiotic microbiota, the immune system and the nervous sytem crosstalk to affect not only defense, but also physiology and metabolism. A series of cutting-edge mouse models have been developed to explore:
– How ILC1s, ILC2s and ILC3s individually control immunity and metabolism
– How microbiota control the development and regulation of the immune system
– How microbial components and metabolites control immunity, metabolism and cognition
– How the nervous sytem controls lymphoid cells
1-2 positions are available every year. Please send your CV and a motivation letter to
A first contact is usually established through a Skype interview, followed by an invitation to give an informal 30 minutes talk  to the team at the Institut Pasteur, and half a day discussing with the members of the lab. A decision to hire is then taken after discussion with the team. Salary is established by the Institut Pasteur rules, with the exception of salaries obtained through European grants and the US Pasteur Foundation.
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