Postdoctoral fellowship on comparative metabolomics of termite fungus cultivars and microbial communities: Denmark

A four-year postdoctoral fellowship on comparative metabolomics of termite fungus cultivars and microbial communities is available from 1 October 2018 in the Section for Ecology and Evolution within the Department of Biology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.
The fellowship will be part of a 5-year research project titled “Disease-free social life without antibiotic resistance”, financed by an ERC Consolidator Grant to Assoc. Prof. Michael Thomas-Poulsen . The project will be based at excellent research environment of the Centre for Social Evolution  and will involve comparative metabolomics of fungal cultivars and termite guts and fungus combs across the evolutionary history of the termites and their fungal and bacterial symbionts. The work will involve fieldwork in Comoe National Park, Ivory Coast. The successful applicant will have experience and interest in antimicrobial compounds and their evolution, microbial ecology, and metabolomics techniques, and will work closely with a PhD student, who will use genomics and metagenomics approaches to computationally determine antimicrobial evolution.
  • PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or biology.
  • Experience with metabolomics techniques, e.g., LC-MS, LC-MS/MS and NMR.
  •  Experience with microbiological techniques.
  •  An interest in fieldwork and symbiotic interactions.
  • Creativity and ability to be both team-oriented and independent.
  •  Embrace of an international research environment and interdisciplinary research.
  • A proven record of excellent English speaking, reading and writing skill
Terms of employment 
  • The successful candidate will be offered a full-time position for a period of four years, contingent on a satisfactory performance, with the specific intent that it results in production of scientific publications.
  • Terms of appointment and payment according to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations on Academics in the State.
  • While negotiation for salary supplement is possible, the starting salary is currently up to 419,771 DKK/year (+ pension up to DKK 71,780) including annual supplement and pension.
 Further information can be obtained from Dr. Thomas-Poulsen (e-mail:
Further details
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