Postdoctoral Research Assistant in the Molecular Microbiology of Bacterial Competition: UK

The Foster lab is offering a 3 year Postdoctoral Research position in the Department of Zoology  of the University of Oxford (with the possibility of extension) to study bacterial competition and ask what makes a successful and competitive bacterial strain. The post is part of a dynamic and interdisciplinary research group – the lab of Professor Kevin Foster – who work on the molecular biology, ecology and evolution of bacteria, increasingly the gut microbiota. For recent publications from the lab, see /publications.

A key component of the project will be cloning and building strains with particular traits in order to study how they perform in competition. This post is then ideally suited for applicants with a PhD/DPhil with a strong molecular microbiology component, particularly involving gram negative bacteria. Previous experience in ecology and evolution is an asset, but is not required for this post.

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