Research Fellow in Neuropharmacology and Molecular Biology: UK

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Applications are invited for a post-doctoral research fellow with experience in neuropharmacology and molecular techniques to work on an interdisciplinary project investigating the cellular, molecular and pharmacological basis of memory consolidation in an invertebrate model system. The post will involve performing behavioural pharmacology experiments combined with quantitative analysis of changes in the molecular processes underlying different phases of memory formation. Experience in routine molecular techniques (RT-qPCR, western-blotting) and histology would be required and familiarity with analysis of complex data sets and experience with confocal microscopy will be useful. The project will focus on the role of memory lapses that occur at the transitions between different phases of memory. The successful candidate will work as part of a team that includes another post-doctoral fellow, a technician, PhD and project students at the Sussex Neuroscience Centre a recently established institution for brain research at the University of Sussex.

For further information please email Dr Ildiko Kemenes (

For background, see also our publication: Susceptibility of memory consolidation during lapses in recall.

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