Research Professors & Research Associates: Spain / Puestos permanentes en España

Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science, offers 10 permanent positions for researchers willing to develop a long-term scientific career in the Basque Country (Spain).

This call is open to both:

  • Established researchers, with 8 to 12 years of postdoctoral experience, will obtain a permanent position as Research Associates.
  • Senior leading researchers, with longer research experience, will obtain a permanent position as Research Professors.

Selected candidates will carry out their research in one of the universities of research institutions of the Basque Country. These positions are financed by the Basque Government, the European Commission and the host institution where the researcher will develop her/his research: therefore, the acceptance letter of the host institution is mandatory. Researchers are expected to perform independent research. They should be capable of attracting competitive funding and leading their own research lines. Applications from womenare especially welcome.

Final application date: 17/09/2020

This offer has been provided by JISEM – the Young Researchers Group of the Spanish Society for Microbiology


Ikerbasque, la Fundación vasca para la Ciencia, ha lanzado una convocatoria de diez puestos de trabajo permanentes para atraer y consolidar investigadoras/es que quieran desarrollar una carrera a largo plazo en Euskadi.

Esta convocatoria está dirigida a:

  • Established Researchers: Investigadores con 8-12 años de experiencia como Research Associates.
  • Senior Leading Researchers: Investigadores senior más experimentados como Research Professors.

Se espera que las/os investigadoras/es desarrollen una investigación independiente y sean capaces de atraer financiación competitiva, así como establecer sus propios grupos de investigación.

Las candidaturas de mujeres son especialmente bienvenidas.

Fecha de cierre de la convocatoria: 17/09/2020

Esta oferta ha sido anunciada por JISEM – Jóvenes Investigadores de la Sociedad Española de Microbiología

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