Researcher in Microbiology: Sweden

The School of Science and Technology of the Örebro University, Sweden is seeking a researcher in Biology specializing in Microbiology. The researcher will be part of the Systems Immunology and Microbiology group and will be working together with Swedish Industry. The position is for the completion of an ongoing study using the C. elegans nematode model to evaluate microbe-host interactions and persistent perfluorinated organic substances (PFAS), with the aim to improve environmental risk analysis.

Duties and responsibilities

  • The tasks will consist of research and analysis of data related to the functional and genomic effects of environmental waters contaminated with persistent PFAS.
  • This will involve laboratory-based studies on microbe-host interactions when exposed to selected organic pollutants using the C. elegans model organism.
  • The researcher should have experience in microbiology, molecular biology and has previously worked with C. elegans as a model system. The position may include (to a maximum of 10%) teaching in biology.


  • To qualify as a researcher, the candidate must have a doctorate in biological sciences, biomedicine, medical sciences or biotechnology from an internationally recognized University or equivalent institution.

Assessment criteria

  • the applicant has documented skills and has exhibited independence in research and in terms of using techniques in microbiology, molecular biology, cell biology and with the C. elegans nematode model.
  • experience in microscopy and working with industry will be considered valuable.
  • competence in both written and oral communication of research and international research experience.


The position is full-time for 9 months. The start date of the position is 1 April 2018.

Further information contact Professor Jana Jass, phone 019-30-3143.

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