Senior Phage Scientist: Austria

PhagoMed is looking for a Microbiology Scientist to join the team as a Senior Phage Scientist in Vienna, Austria.

Ideal candidate

  • PhD or equivalent in microbiology, postdoc-level experience with bacteriophages;
  • Excellent publication track record in microbiology and phage research;
  • Track record of leading research technicians and students, including steering and motivating the team
  • Highly structured thinking;
  • Interest in targeted pharmaceutical development;
  • Interest in working in a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals;

Role Description

  • Establish research processes according to the latest microbiological technology developments(e.g. robotics and data);
  • Establish and validate potency model for phages against bacteria in biofilm and planktonic growth;
  • Assembly of bacterial panels for species of interest, including in silico analysis of geno- and serotypes, to ensure required genetical and geographical breadth;
  • Selective breeding of phages, initially S. aureus, E. coli, S. epidermidis, to enhance selected properties, e.g. lytic activity in biofilm and pharmacokinetics;
  • As required, search for new phages, to complement gaps in coverage by contract research partners;
  • Establish standardized experimental protocols that will enable reproducibility in later GLP studies (e.g. potency, phage production and purification, phage evolution);
  • Documentation of results according to the PhagoMed Quality Standards (in development, nonGLP but as close as possible), to ensure the quality of results and their documentation are acceptable to regulatory authorities, working towards a human clinical trial application;
  • Supervise technical assistants, including training on working with bacteria and phages, working in a BSL-2 environment, application of experimental and documentation standards;
  • Drafting of patent claims as appropriate, publication of selected results in scientific journals
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