Senior Researcher in Algal Biotechnology: UK

Job Purpose

Contribute to discovery and applied research in the area of algal biotechnology, and contribute to the development of research in this field. Contribute to teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level, plus CPD courses where required and contribute to SAMS commercial objectives. The post holder will work on a range of projects to underpin the research group of our Associate Director for Science, Enterprise & Innovation.

Main Responsibilities

  • Conduct fundamental and applied research in algal biotechnology, contributing to SAMS’ research activities, underpinning the research group of the Associate Director for Science, Enterprise & Innovation
  • Were necessary present, help prepare the necessary reports and discuss findings at regular partner project meetings and decide next steps.
  • Give oral presentations at international and national conferences, acting as an ambassador for projects and SAMS
  • Publish research for projects in high impact journals (1-2 per year), increasing the reputation of SAMS
  • Contribute to supervision and lecturing of post-graduate and undergraduate students
  • Engage with commercial projects through SRSL
  • Be pro-active in the application of SAMS Health and Safety Procedures

Planning and Organising

  • Plan high quality experimental science in conjunction with Associate Director for Science, Enterprise & Innovation, conducted by the senior researcher, PDRAs and/or support scientists. Supervise its completion as the responsible person.
  • Oversee and liaise with other SAMS projects on all aspects regarding algal research.
  • Liaise with project partners timetabling the supply of relevant information.
  • Assess project resource requirements, where necessary delegating maintenance and equipment purchases.
  • Supervise students and interns, developing their planning and organisation skills.
  • Plan publications, writing manuscripts and organising their publication in collaboration with co-authors.


  • Solve problems encountered in the lab or field, seeking advice from specialists when needed.
  • Present any encountered problems to partners diplomatically, having already discussed and determined a possible appropriate solution with peers.
  • Act as a sounding-board to supervisees, helping them to solve problems, either by providing advice or steering them towards the solution.


  • Determine best course of action for research – seeking advice from research and industrial peers where appropriate.
  • Where appropriate delegate practical tasks to support scientists, interns and volunteer students. Peer-review research publications for example: Journal of Applied Phycology, Journal of Aquaculture and Algal Research.

Key Contacts/Relationships

  • Discuss experimental findings and new ideas with scientific researchers and members of industry; to develop our respective research knowledge, agendas and future collaborations.
  • Represent SAMS and projects at formal research and project meetings/conferences involving worldwide peers.
  • Work in synchrony with other PDRAs, lab techs and members of the facilities team to ensure all necessary experimental facilities and experimentation run smoothly.
  • Interact with students, volunteers and interns to develop their scientific skills.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience needed for the Job (usually captured in Person Specification)

  • PhD in Algal Biotechnology.
  • Expertise and track record in algal biotechnology
  • Effective written and verbal communication of scientific research

Dimensions – Scope of role

  • Each year supervise an undergraduate/master student project and progress this to publication where possible.
  • Supervise interns, reducing practical requirements of role and allowing more time allocation towards paper and grant preparation.
  • Publish a minimum of 1-2 papers per year

Any other relevant information

The post holder may be required to perform duties other than those given in the job description for the post. The particular duties and responsibilities attached to posts may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the duties or the level of responsibilities entailed. If the normal duties of the post include going to sea (apart from small boats e.g. RHIB’s) the applicant must be able to obtain the ENG1 medical certification and complete the STCW 95 Personal Survival Techniques training.

Further details
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