State of The World's Fungi Symposium, RBG Kew: 13-14 September 2018, UK

The first international State of The World’s Fungi Symposium will be held on 13-14 September 2018 at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK.

In conjunction with the publication of a cutting-edge annual report, scientists and policymakers will gather at Kew for the first international State of the World’s Fungi Symposium. Building on the success of our State of The World’s Plants project, the State of the World’s Fungi report provides a review of our current state of knowledge and the major issues affecting fungal diversity and abundance. Also featured in the report are fungal-plant interactions, conservation and uses of fungi, and the fungal tree of life. The two-day symposium brings together plant and fungal scientists, ecologists, conservationists and industry and policy experts from around the world, to discuss issues raised in the report.

Abstract topics


  • Conservations of fungi
  • Useful fungi
  • Newly discovered fungi
  • Climate change and impact on fungal communities
  • Fungal pathogens
  • Positive fungal-plant interactions
  • Fungal genomes
  • China (country focus)
  • Fungal tree of life
  • Definition and diversity
  • Lichens
  • Ecosytem services
  • Dark taxa
  • Policy

Important dates

Early bird registration deadline: 8 June 2018

Abstract submission deadline: 9 August 2018


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