Galleria Mellonella Workshop

This two-day workshop will bring together users of, and those interested in using, the model host Galleria mellonella, for an un-paralleled opportunity to learn from, be inspired by and network with the international research community.

Galleria mellonella larvae can be used as an economical, rapid, high-throughput model to bridge the gap between in vitro studies and mammalian research, thus improving preclinical studies and reducing the number of mammals used in drug testing. G. mellonella larvae have been widely used over the past few years as non-mammalian models of microbial infection and for antimicrobial drug screening.

This is particularly relevant as NC3Rs have announced their research highlight for 2019: the use of alternative research models such as G. mellonella.

This is a two day workshop, sponsored by FEMS, happening on 16-17 July 2021.

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