Two PhD positions on the microbiome: Italy

The ZooPlantLab – BIOME Research Team at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Milan, Italy) have 2 open positions for PhD students, starting from November 2023. This is the PhD course in Converging Technologies for Biomolecular Systems (TeCSBi). The deadline for applications is 19 April at 11.59 am.

The topics are

  1. ” The microbiome of the built environment and host: strategies for risk monitoring in proximity care” (TECSBI.2)
  2. “Developing a framework to improve skin microbiome research: from data to application.” (TECSBI.3)

The PhD scholarships are funded by the PNC ANTHEM (AdvaNced Technologies for Human-centrEd Medicine) project.

As it is easy to understand, this is a project focused on medicine.

We try to read in a “microbial ecology” key one of the most complex biological dynamics: the interaction among human-environment-microbiota, to make hospitals, points of care and other artificial environments safer and healthier.

The two PhD projects are complementary: one is mainly focused on the microbiome side of environments, especially man-made environments; the other on the host-associated microbiome, that (of the skin) of the people who frequent these environments. The former has a large wet lab component, while the latter involves a data-driven approach with a strong bioinformatics footprint. Of course, much will also depend on the inclination of the candidates.

Here the candidate will find a friendly and stimulating environment, where growth opportunities will not be lacking, as well as “contaminations” with other research groups. Surely a passionate person who wants to get involved will feel comfortable with us!

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