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We are very pleased to announce the publication of two special issues on the the fascinating topic of sea sponge microbiomes, from our journal FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

Read on: Sponge Microbiome

Image from: ‘Microbially mediated nutrient cycles in marine sponges’ by Fan Zhang, Lauren Jonas, Hanzhi Lin, and Russell T Hill

Sponges, the oldest extant multicellular animals (i.e. more than 600 million years old), are holobionts comprised of the host and its symbiotic microbes. Marine sponges are ecologically important components of coral reef ecosystems where they provide habitat for a wide range of species and couple the benthic and pelagic zones through their high seawater filtration capability.

The Thematic Issue on the Sponge Microbiome was compiled in connection with the 3rd ISSM, including one mini-review as well as 12 original research articles contributed by scientists world-wide. These contributions cover how sponge-associated microbial diversity varies with geography and host phylogeny as well as the contributions of sponge symbionts to nutrient cycling, chemical defense and environment acclimatization.

The Virtual Issue is a collection of previously published articles on the topic of the sponge microbiome, included as additional recommended reading.

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