Out Now: Thematic Issue on Learning for the Future


We are very pleased to announce that the Professional Development Section of FEMS Microbiology Letters continues to support the community by launching its latest Thematic Issue ‘Learning for the Future‘, which covers active and authentic learning as well as creativity in learning.

With an editorial written by Section Editor Beatrix Fahnert, the Thematic Issue discusses the various recent trends and themes in the sector. It includes papers by 17 authors/author teams from Argentina, Australia, Spain, the UK, the US and Uruguay, and one review reflecting on all papers.

The Thematic Issue also includes a paper on the content analytics ofthe #EUROmicroMOOC, a science communication initiative we supported last year with one of our Member Societies, the Spanish Society for Microbiology (SEM), which resulted in over 42 million Twitter impressions worldwide.

‘Learning for the Future’ follows on from the previous successful education-focused collections issued in 2015 and 2017.


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