Out Now: Thematic Issue on Microbial Products from Wastes and Residues


We are proud to announce the publication of the latest Thematic Issue of papers from FEMS Microbiology Letters on Microbial Products from Wastes and Residues. Feturing 2 minireviews and 6 research letters, this Thematic Issue brings you the latest research on applying microbiology to create sustainable solutions for our waste.

Read: Microbial Products from Wastes and Residues

Image from: ‘Application of organic waste glycerol to produce crude extracts of bacterial cells and microbial hydrogenase—the anode enzymes of bio-electrochemical systems‘ by Anna Poladyan, Syuzanna Blbulyan, Tatiana Semashko, Volha Dziameshka, Liudmila Zhukouskaya and Armen Trchоunian

The world is facing numerous sustainability challenges, especially in terms of resource depletion and the treatment of accumulated waste.

This Thematic Issue examines how microbiology and microbial products can help meet these challenges, as well as proposing avenues for future research.

Papers in the issue cover topics including microbial fuel cells, hydrogen production from coffee wastes, aquaculture wastewaters for the growth of microalgae, and wider applications of microbial products across industry and biotechnology.


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