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by the OUP team

Oxford University Press (OUP) has been the proud publisher of FEMS journals since 2015. Throughout our partnership, each of the five journals has been making great strides in publishing pioneering research and high-quality articles across a broad range of subjects in microbiology, and we work to ensure this research receives the widest possible readership. As a publisher we only select journals of the highest quality to partner with, and we focus on improving these journals through development activities. FEMS’ mission to advance microbiology in Europe and its neighbouring regions is supported by OUP’s fundamental objectives of supporting scholarly research and disseminating knowledge. As our flagship microbiology titles, the FEMS journals greatly contribute towards these goals.
Since the beginning of our partnership, FEMS has published a plethora of thematic issues on a wide range of topics, as well as virtual issues and collections of articles which address emerging directions within the field. From FEMS Microbiology Letters’ thematic issue on Education, to the focus on pertussis in Pathogens and Disease. From ‘The Dark Side of Yeast Biology’ thematic issue in FEMS Yeast Research, to the spotlight on RNA in bacteria in FEMS Microbiology Reviews, and the thematic issue on the environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance in FEMS Microbiology Ecology. We are continually delighted by the research being published in each of the FEMS journals. OUP1

One particular highlight in our partnership with FEMS has been launching the FEMS portal, where readers can read recent papers, sign up for email alerts, and much more. The FEMS Portal offered an opportunity for us to work closely with our colleagues at FEMS to showcase the latest articles and issues being published, and to offer collections of recent papers, such as articles from Six Key Topics in Microbiology, and let FEMS journals’ authors know about opportunities like the FEMS Microbiology Letters and OUP MiniReview Award.

A further key highlight was the FEMS Congress 2015 held in Maastricht, The Netherlands, where we werOUP2e delighted to be able to speak to FEMS journals’ readers, and even get a selfie or two! This was an exciting opportunity for community engagement, and we are looking forward to the next FEMS Congress 2017 in Valencia, Spain, where we hope to connect with even more readers, authors, reviewers, and editors. Our partnership with FEMS and publishing these leading microbiology journals has been a diverse and energizing experience, and we look forward with great vigour to continuing to work alongside the FEMS team.

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