Welcome to our new podcast Microbes and Us!


It is with great excitement that we are launching a new podcast: Microbes and Us, where we will host insightful conversations with inspiring people from the international microbiology community. 

Our FEMS communication gurus, Joseph Shuttleworth and Eleni Koursari, will bring you a monthly episode featuring guests from every corner of the microbial world. Whether you are a scientist, a lover of microbes, or you just want to join in with our fun microbiology community, then this is the podcast for you!

Our first two episodes feature in-depth interviews with two of the FEMS Ambassadors:

  • In episode 1, Joseph Shuttleworth talks to Prof. Linda J Kenney, FEMS Ambassador to the USA, about research, career progression, networking, the public perception of science, and the importance of internationalism for scientific knowledge.
  • In episode 2, our guest interviewer Corrado Nai talks to Prof. Ken-ichi Yoshida, FEMS Ambassador to Japan, as they discuss how science crosses international boarders, from Japan to the EU to America.

We hope you enjoy these episodes and stay tuned for many more! You can find Microbes and Us on a huge range of podcast platforms: Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Breaker, Overcast, RadioPublic and very soon avaliable in Castbox.

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