Meeting Organizer Toolkit

Good news, you received the positive decision on your application for a Meeting Organizer Grant. Now what to do next? Here are some documents and requirements as well as some tips to get the most out of your Grant.

Advertising your grant
Claiming your grant

Before the meeting:

After the meeting:

Promoting FEMS
  • please add our logo to your digital event communications such as your event website and link it to our website
  • please add our high resolution logo if you have a printed programme
  • if you have advertising space available: please request an advertisement via email  
  • please show our powerpoint presentation on screen during the event
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Microbiomes inhabiting rice roots and rhizosphere

Land plants directly contact soil through their roots. An enormous diversity of microbes dwelling in root-associated zones, including endosphere (inside root), rhizoplane (root surface) and rhizosphere (soil surrounding the root surface), play essential roles in ecosystem functioning and plant health. Rice is a staple food that feeds over 50% of the global population. This mini-review summarizes the current understanding of microbial diversity of rice root-associated compartments to some extent, especially the rhizosphere, and makes a comparison of rhizosphere microbial community structures between rice and other crops/plants. Moreover, this paper describes the interactions between root-related microbiomes and rice plants, and further discusses the key factors shaping the rice root-related microbiomes.

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