Microbial Biofilms

Discover more about biofilms! Explore a collection of reviews and original research articles around biofilms, including biofilm phenotypes and properties as matrix exopolysaccharides, increased antibiotic tolerance, or transcription profiling of biofilm vs. planktonic cells, as well as novel findings and applications regarding biofilm-based photobioreactors or biofilms micro-environments.

Microbial Biofilms
Biofilm-based photobioreactors: their design and improving productivity through efficient supply of dissolved inorganic carbon

Tong Li, Marc Strous, Michael Melkonian

Adaptive radiation of Pseudomonas fluorescensSBW25 in experimental microcosms provides an understanding of the evolutionary ecology and molecular biology of A-L interface biofilm formation

Anna Koza, Anna Kuśmierska, Kimberley McLaughlin, Olena Moshynets, Andrew J. Spiers

Beyond nitrogen metabolism: nitric oxide, cyclic-di-GMP and bacterial biofilms

Serena Rinaldo, Giorgio Giardina, Federico Mantoni, Alessio Paone, Francesca Cutruzzolà

Matrix exopolysaccharides; the sticky side of biofilm formation

Eve Maunders, Martin Welch

Emergent heterogeneous microenvironments in biofilms: substratum surface heterogeneity and bacterial adhesion force-sensing

Yijin Ren, Can Wang, Zhi Chen, Elaine Allan, Henny C van der Mei, Henk J Busscher

Molecular mechanisms of biofilm-based antibiotic resistance and tolerance in pathogenic bacteria 

Clayton W. Hall, Thien-Fah Mah
Genome-wide transcription profiling of aerobic and anaerobic Escherichia coli biofilm and planktonic cultures

Bihter Bayramoglu, David Toubiana, Osnat Gillor
Biofilm formation by Paracoccus denitrificansrequires a type I secretion system-dependent adhesin BapA 

Keitaro Yoshida, Masanori Toyofuku, Nozomu ObanaNobuhiko Nomura

Microbial succession in biofilms growing on artificial substratum in subtropical freshwater aquaculture ponds 

Zhifei Li, Jianfeng Che, Jun Xie, Guangjun Wang, Ermeng Yu, Yun Xia, Deguang Yu, Kai Zhang
Effects of antibiotic concentration and nutrient medium composition on Escherichia coli biofilm formation and green fluorescent protein expression

Luciana C. Gomes, Filipe J. Mergulhão

Biofilm formation and antimicrobial resistance genes of coagulase-negative staphylococci isolated from cows with mastitis in Argentina 

Mariela E. Srednik, Yannick D. N. Tremblay, Josée Labrie, Marie Archambault, Mario Jacques, Alicia Fernández Cirelli, Elida R. Gentilini

Horizontal transfer of the blaNDM-1 gene to Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii in biofilms

Windy D. Tanner, Robyn M. Atkinson, Ramesh K. Goel, Mark A. Toleman, Lowell Scott Benson, Christina A. Porucznik, James A. VanDerslice

Effects of different substrates/growth media on microbial community of saliva-derived biofilm 

Bolei Li, Xinxuan Zhou, Xuedong Zhou, Ping Wu, Mingyun Li, Mingye Feng, Xian Peng, Biao Ren, Lei Cheng


















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