And The Winners of #MicrobeArt2020 Are...


The well-loved Microbe Art Competition made its come back to celebrate International Microorganism Day 2020. This year we had even more fantastic entries so the judges had a much more difficult task in deciding the winners. 

The Microbe Art Competition is an effort brought about to support the Portuguese Society for Microbiology (PSM) in promoting the International Microorganism Day on September 17. International Microorganism Day aims to raise awareness about the importance of microorganisms and microbiology research among the general public, and our contest supplemented these efforts.

People from all around the world were able to enter the Microbe Art Competition by posting their artistic entries on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and using the hashtags #MicrobeArt2020 and #InternationalMicroorganismDay.

Thank you to everyone that entered our #MicrobeArt2020 competition

The winners are:

Grand Prize: Best Art Overall: Anna Dumitriu

Best Agar Art: Noémie Matthey

Best Cartoon: Joana C. Carvalho

Best Illustration or Painting: Sarah Adkins-Jablonsky

Best Photography: Mout De Vrieze

Best Physical Piece: Mena Rabago

Best Writing: Chris Gaylarde

This year the #MicrobeArt2020 hashtag was seen over 2 millions times. See the hashtag data below:

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