Big welcome to our new microLife Section Editors!


We are excited to welcome new Section Editors for the journal microLife! They will play a key role in bringing exciting content of the highest quality to the microbiology community in a wide range of research areas.

  • Siv Andersson – Evolution
  • Anke Becker – Synthetic Biology
  • Judith Behnsen – Microbiomes
  • Melanie Blokesch – Community interaction and horizontal gene transfer
  • Mathieu Brochet – Parasitology
  • Dirk Bumann – Physiology/ microbial metabolism
  • Arnold J.M. Driessen – Biotechnology
  • Sabine Ehrt – Chemotherapy and vaccines
  • Simonetta Gribaldo – Archaea
  • Jay Hinton – RNA biology
  • Martin J. Loessner – Viruses
  • Kai Papenfort – Communication and signalling
  • Eduardo Rocha – Computational Microbiology
  • Uwe Sauer – Systems biology/mathematical modelling of infectious diseases
  • Pierre Stallforth – Biochemistry and chemical biology
  • Raphael H. Valdivia – Infection Biology
  • Jorg Vogel – RNA biology
  • Karina B. Xavier – Communication and signalling


microLife is a new fully gold open access journal, reporting research of the highest standard, novelty and significance in microbiology and related disciplines. As the journal of the European Academy of Microbiology (EAM), microLife is run by leading microbiologists in their own fields. All microbes are covered bacteria, archaea, fungi, protists, parasites, and viruses. The journal is fully gold open access and all articles are free to read.

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