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Any resources that are useful to those who take part in the peer review process of academic publishing, as part of the FEMS journals, or externally.

Peer Review
How to Peer Review: Writing the review and getting recognition

The Editors-in-Chief of FEMS Microbes explain to Early Career Scientists (ECS) how to write a peer review, and ways[...]

Peer Review
How to Peer Review: A two-step approach

The Editors-in-Chief of FEMS Microbes illustrate to Early Career Scientists (ECS) a two-step appraoch to peer review[...]

Peer Review
How to Peer Review: An Introduction by FEMS Microbes

The Editors-in-Chief of FEMS Microbes introduces to Early Career Scientists (ECS) how to peer review a manuscript.[...]

Peer Review
Nature Masterclass on Peer Review

This class is for free (only registration is needed), has 4 modules and takes about 3-4 h to complete. The lessons[...]

Peer Review
Peer Review resources by Sense about Science

Sense about Science has been interested in sharing the importance of peer review for over ten years. They created a[...]

FEMS podcast - Microbes and Us

Microbes and Us is brought to you by the Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Launched in May 2021 this[...]

Peer Review
Master Peer Review with the Publons Academy

The Publons Academy is a free, online peer review training course for early career researchers. Developed together[...]

Peer Review
Peer Reviewing Tips

F1000Research has put together a list of specific examples, tips and suggestions for reviewers needing support in[...]

Peer Review
Ethical guidelines for peer reviewers

COPE (the Committee on Publication Ethics) has produced some guidelines which set out the basic principles and[...]

Peer Review
Peer Review Center of the Public Library of Science

Everything you need to write a peer review right now: A collection of free training and resources for peer reviewers[...]

Peer Review
EASE Peer Reviewer Toolkit

The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) curated a Peer Reviewer Toolkit. All of the resources are freely[...]

Useful resources
Publons: COVID-19 Related Publications for Review

  COVID-19: how you can help COVID-19 research is moving at a rapid pace and we’re calling on everyone in[...]