Celebrating your milestones for Letters’ 40th


FEMS Microbiology Letters is much more than just a journal to us. Over the past 40 years, it has allowed us to invest in and support the microbiology community by contributing towards our grants, awards, congress and sponsored meetings.

As Letters marks its 40th anniversary this year, we were thrilled to see many of you celebrate this milestone with us at FEMS 2017 by sharing your personal science milestones on the Letters 40th anniversary timeline.

We have shared some of our favorites to the Letters 40th interactive timeline. However, the celebrations don’t stop there. We want to continue celebrating the community brought together by Letters over the past 40 years. Share your science journey with us on social media, whether it be a career highlight, a first published article or a favorite microbiology discovery, by tagging your post with #LETTERS40.

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