Our #OnThisDay Volunteers 2022

20-04-23 cameronw1986

The #OnThisDay project aims to assemble a collection of historically important microbiology events for every single day of the year. These events could be interesting discoveries, the dates of seminal scientific publications, the important moments in the lives of famous microbiologists, or anything that would pique the interest of the microbiology community!

In 2022, we had five volunteers on the #OnThisDay team which researched these facts and figures and digested the important information into social media content for the purposes of science communication and and public engagement, as well as raising the profile of underrepresented scientists.

Abeer Al-Ghouleh

Country of residence: United Kingdom

Short bio: I graduated with a PhD in Immunology from University of Nottingham where I studied the role for carbohydrates in the recognition and uptake of different allergens by the immune system. After finishing my studies I worked as a lab technician, a research associate and an R&D Scientist at different biotech companies and academia. During my work as an R&D scientist I was part of a team who developed a lateral flow test to detect immune responses in COVID-19 patients early on in the pandemic. Currently I’m working as a field application scientist covering Europe and helping scientists developing vaccines to trouble shoot any technical issues in their assays in addition to delivering scientific presentation in conferences and trade shows. Outside work I enjoy travelling, discovering new places to visit, reading and I’m very well known for my love of coffee!


Elizaveta Koroleva

Country of Residence: South Africa

Short bio: Elizaveta Koroleva is a Master’s student at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Her current work is focused on investigating the physiology of opportunistic fungal pathogens. Describing herself as passionately curious, she is strongly invested in bringing the scientific community and the public closer together through science communication. Outside the joys of academic research, she spends her free time reading, making music and going on adventures.




Guillermo Dominguez Huerta

Country of Residence: Spain

Short bio: Guillermo obtained his MSc in Advanced Biotechnology from the International University of Andalusia (Spain) and his PhD in Biology from the University of Malaga (Spain), where he studied the evolution of TYLCD-like begomoviruses following the theory of viral quasispecies. In October 2017 he joined the Sullivan lab, where he studies RNA viral communities from sea water, analyzing their diversity and their ecological implications in the ocean ecosystem. Guillermo is currently a freelance Science Consultant.



Maria Tsitouridou

Country of Residence: The Netherlands

Short bio: Maria Tsitouridou is a Biomedical Scientist currently working for a pharmaceutical company as a Regulatory Affairs Scientist. Maria studied Biology in Greece and gained her MSc in Biomedical Sciences from Leiden University.  In her current role, she works on the approval and marketing status of oncology products by the European Health Authorities with an ultimate goal to make innovative medicines accessible to cancer patients. Her passion for promoting science to diverse audiences, is what brought her to the FEMs volunteer team. In her free time, Maria loves learning languages, traveling, exploring local cuisines and lying at sunny beaches



Monika Oli

Country of Residence: USA

Short bio: Monika Oli is a “germophile” and embraces everything microbiology. Originally from Bavaria, Germany, she first studied at the University of Regensburg and after a study abroad opportunity she obtained her BSc from the University of Edinburgh. After her journey took her to the USA, she received a MS in Microbiology from Mississippi State University and PhD in molecular parasitology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After a post-doc at the University of Florida, Monika spent almost 10 years in research and development in the biotech startup environment. In 2010 she joined the department of Microbiology and Cell Science at the University of Florida where she is in charge of undergraduate microbiology lab curriculum, logistics and innovation. Her mission is to raise global microbiological awareness for all ages.

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