FEMS-Jensen and FEMS-Lwoff Awards - Nominations Open


At FEMS, we aim to recognize academic achievement and superior research accomplishments.

FEMS-Jensen Award

The FEMS-Jensen Award helps early career scientists, showing significant potential, in establishing their research career. The award comprises a fellowship for spending at least half a year in an outstanding research laboratory chosen by the applicant. The maximum award amounts to EUR 10,000.

The applicant is made to outstanding European microbiology researchers in the final stages of their PhD studies, or to those who received their PhD-degree less than three years from the application deadline. In addition, applicants should be active microbiologists, having obtained their highest degree less than five years prior to the application deadline date or be a PhD student. They should be a member of a FEMS Member Society.

In order to apply for the FEMS-Jensen Award, please read the Award Regulations and send your application to the Convenor of the Awards Board (FEMS President) via the FEMS Business Office before 1 March 2020.

FEMS-Lwoff Award

The FEMS-Lwoff Award award aims to award those that create high quality knowledge that helps solving today’s societal problems around microbiology. Winners receive a prize-lecture at the opening ceremony of FEMS 2021 – with up to five free registrations to the FEMS Congress, the opportunity to present research to the wider microbiology community via the FEMS Journals and FEMS communication channels, a commemorative silver medal and an honorarium of €1.000.

Everyone in the field of microbiology (societies, groups, or individuals) may nominate a Lwoff Award candidate to be presented at the 2021 Congress before 10 of March 2020. Additional information about the selection procedure can be found in the regulations and nomination details.


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