FEMS Journal Poster Prize Winners​


Recognizing excellence in Early Career Scientists

At the past FEMS2019 Congres in Glasgow (July 7-11, 2019), several Early Career Scientists were recognized for their excellent work. This year’s poster prize winners were (from left to right):​

​Guillaume Carrillo (Pathogens and Disease)​

Joshua Hamm (FEMS Microbiology Ecology)​

Rekha Gopalan Nair (FEMS Microbiology Reviews)​

Roseanne Barata Holanda (FEMS Microbiology Letters)​

Ainsley Beaton (FEMS Yeast Research)​

Also in the picture:​

Sarah Zecchin (FEMS-Jensen Award 2019)​

Dan Su (Congress Attendance Grantee Poster Prize)​

Bauke Oudega (FEMS President)​

Jozef Anné (Grants Director)​


Congratulations to all winners!

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